Hilda by Design was born on the 28th February 2014 when I had an inexplicable need to share what I was experiencing! I had discovered Design and I knew then that it had been a passion waiting to get out, pretty much all my life.

I’m a Wife, Mum of two and I’m currently Studying a Diploma Course in Interior Design so I’m hoping that this blog will end up being like an online diary: sharing my Finds, Inspiration & developing Style.

I love France, French and all things Français. I lived in Paris for 4 years, have visited many times, studied French…but I’m a Dublin Girl through + through. This City is my forever home, the place we have bought our house and hope to raise our Children so you will definitely notice how proud I am of ‘my city’.

Why not join the journey & the conversation? 
Hilda x

Contact: mcevoyhilda@gmail.com