So, my day started like this…

…in a laying out of lots of things that I needed to get going. I’m still using a combination of the kitchen table & the ‘dressing table’ part of the built-in wardrobes in our bedroom. When I have a few things, including my board, to lay out, I still find the kitchen table is needed! 

I got a super run at it today, as another mum & I take it in turns to do a drop off every Wednesday, resulting in a good few hours to study today. 

Something struck me as I started to look at the clock & count down the minutes that I had…I felt like I was transforming from ‘Interior Design Student’ back to ‘Mum’. This happens every time but today I was rather struck by it. How many ‘hats’ do we wear, I wonder? The time passes so quickly when I am emmersed in the land of Interior Design which is, to me, a sure sign that I am doing what I love. And when I feel the studies are tough, I have to remind myself of that. 

So, off I go, now. I’ve got my ‘Mum’ hat on. And it will always be the most important hat of them all. After all, Interior Design isn’t keeping anyone alive…or is it?!