I was late and grumpy when I arrived at the Ideal Home Show on the Saturday of the Bank Holiday weekend. There were problems on the DART line and I had had to walk to my connecting station. Shuttle Bus? Not a chance. One little moment of respite was when I was taking this photo of the Samuel Beckett Bridge

I noticed a film crew on the bridge. It turned out to be the Rubberbandits, filming their new TV series. The lads posed for a photo and made me smile.

When I eventually arrived at the Ideal Home Show, I had missed one of the talks I had wanted to attend but went straight to my favourite section: The Colourtrend Room Sets 

Eily Roe Interiors were my first port of call

What I liked: Beautiful use of contrasting colours in furniture & accessories with their paint choice: Stand out chair, statement rug and coffee tables with pretty + colourful vignettes.

Thelma Henry Interiors 

What I liked: Luxurious fabrics for a Bedroom scheme with restful tones that will appeal to many Homeowners

Lou Dela Interiors 

What I liked: The Ethnic/Boho Vibe of the Roomset. THAT rug and statement seating. 

L’Estrange Designs

What I liked: It was great to see the paint choice (Mussel) tying in so well with the rest of the scheme and Jill had teamed up with online concept store Home Lust which provided pretty accessories throughout.

Regina Rogers Fallon Design

What I liked: The bold choice of colour on the presses and…look at that floor!

Yours Personally

What I liked: The contrasting colour on the panelling and a the beautiful, classic choice of painting of ‘Girl with a Pearl Earing’

The Elms

What I liked: Sharon chose an Autumnal scheme using products from The Elms, Punchestown. The photo’s don’t do justice to that light fixture!

Homework Interiors

What I liked: As I have a little girl, I found myself loving the details in this room scheme & Clara Eloise designed many of the pieces in the room – such as the bed and pendant light.

The Showhouse is designed by a different Interior Designer each season and this time it was designed by Arlene at Ventura Design – the theme being ‘Manhattan Loft’. It had a luxurious and sexy feel to it but was very dark so extremely hard to take a decent photo of! Here are some snippets all the same

Hopefully they give you a little sense of what the Showhouse looked  like!

What I liked: The main living/bar area was luxurious and sexy (the copper & marble combination in the kitchen really worked) – as was the bedroom (open fire in the bedroom gave a cosy fee – not shown) 

There is, of course, a whole lot more going on at the Ideal Home Show but as I’m studying Interior Design, these areas are always my favourite! A fairly recent addition to the show is the The Irish Times Home & Design Theatre & I caught the talk by Lisa  Cannon on Decorating your Table

It was also nice to see Nick Munier of Avenue Restaurant signing his Art prints – a colourful addition to the show

So, if you didn’t get to go to this season’s Ideal Home Show, I hope that you feel that you just had a little trip! Does anything stand out for you? And If you did, what were your highlights? 

Bravo to all the Interior Designer’s involved! As I study my course, I start to realise how much hard work is involved in realising a scheme but if you are passionate about what you do, well, that’s half the battle.