Well, it had to be a special event to take me out of my ‘Blog Slumber’, eh? I had a feeling that this would happen: as I started back to studies in October, I knew that it would be more tricky to blog…

Even so, I love my little blog and am pretty determined to keep it going while I study. I feel that it is part of the process at this stage! I received a lovely invite to the press morning at Arran St. East in the heart of old Dublin, last Tuesday morning, and was only delighted to visit their beautiful studio. On my way there, on a stunning Autumn morning, I took a few snaps of this wonderful neighbourhood

The working Fruit, Vegetable & Flower market of Smithfield is an Architectural gem with hidden details in the brickwork, telling you of it’s function

As I didn’t know this street at all, I stopped at a gorgeous café, Oxmantown that I had heard only good things about, to ask directions. 

Turned out I was two seconds away from the studio

…and the beauty that awaited me inside

…but first – Coffee!! Of course, it was served in their lovely pottery

What struck me first was the use of natural light in the studio – on this crisp, clear, Autumn day, it was enhancing the colours & textures of the pottery to it’s fullest

Collections have been put together in ‘Hamper Form’ to be bought as a House-Warming gift, a Wedding Gift…etc

And the colours gain their inspiration primarily from the Market which is directly in front of the studio

Part of their new range is the linen that you can see above – I was told that these were facecloths but I think I would use mine as napkins. The soap is a prototype and Arran St. East are working with Irish companies, which I thought was further in keeping with their ethos

As a bonus treat, we were given a tour of the potters at work and the upstairs part of the studio, where they are running Pottery classes quite regularly


One of two Kilns, which I thought were a work of Art in their own right!

What a workspace! And the lovely Laura was worried that it was untidy!

The room which houses the pottery wheels for the classes

As I said my thanks & goodbyes with promises of a return visit, I stopped off for a spot of breakfast at the aforementioned café, and found that they were supporters of the studio also!

Arran Street East very kindly presented each one of us with a goodie bag, and my treasured piece of pottery shall house a wee succulent soon

Ireland has such a rich history of Pottery making, so it’s really lovely to see a Dublin pottery studio thriving & creating in such an old & treasured part of the city. 

For more more information on classes, or simply the company itself, see www.arranstreeteast.ie and they are nominated here http://image.ie/interiors/article/vote-design-awards/ should you like what you see and are feeling generous enough to give them a vote.