Anyone who knows me will know that, while I absolutely love Summer and all that this season brings, Autumn is my season. I love everything about it and if I’m honest, the types of Interiors that I am mostly attracted tend to create a sense of what the Danish call Hygge 

A Fundamental quality of Danish culture, Hygge cannot be translated using a single word. Rather, it includes many of the pleasures we associate with everyday living – relaxing with friends, enjoying good food and creating a cozy evening by lighting a candle or two (Source:

So, for this reason, I’ve included some of my Autumn Interior Essentials while maybe introducing you to some of my favourite brands.

Candles – I can already see myself eyeing up new candles for the house! Is there any cosier light than candlelight? The only thing about Candles though, is that their scent is pretty personal, eh? What you like, may not be what I like! However, one good rule of thumb is to buy the most natural made candles that you can. The Bearded Candle Makers are a super Irish company. Check them out here http://www.thebeardedcandlemakers.com14212098_1100428233378715_5348656670832830986_n Bearded

Throws – Whenever I think of Throws, I think of Avoca Handweavers We lived not far from the Kilmacanougue store and a trip to the town of Avoca (which many will know as ‘Ballykissangel’ from the TV show) was always a treat as you can view the weaving of the throws there, at the original store. We have this throw and even in summer, you’ll see me curled up in it watching telly!Image result for avoca handweavers throws

Rugs – I have a faux sheepskin rug beside my bed & it’s super toasty when you get out of the bed and have something to rest your toes on. For the real thing, here’s a lovely example from http://www.blarney.comIrish Sheepskin Rug

Curtains – Yup, at this point you may think I’ve lost the plot but y’see we don’t have any curtains up yet so I absolutely can’t wait to try and change that a little before Christmas comes around! I read somewhere once that Curtains are to a room, what accessories are to an outfit – that a room simply isn’t dressed if there are no curtains. We have blinds but it’s not the same for me. There is something so enveloping about closing the curtains on an Autumn night and retreating to the cosiness. My dream curtains for our sitting room are right here…ac62fec756dd11deaa5e617cb8b810e0 Silk Curtains

A ‘Huggable’ Mug! It’s Hot Chocolate season people!!!! Sure, I love a glass of wine as much as the next person but there is something wonderfully satisfying about holding a mug that fits perfectly in your hand and it’s even better if it’s full of Hot Chocolate. 2 of my favourite mugs right now come from two super Irish stores: http://www.aprilandthebear.comIMG_9678 copy.jpgand…for when Wine O’ Clock just can’t come quick enough..IMG_0003_2_1024x1024

Do you have any Autumn Interior Essentials to add? What are your seasonal favourites?

Hoping you have the best September, whatever it has in store for you xxxx

Hilda x