I’ll be 3 years on line in February of next year, and one place in our home that got photographed quite a lot at the beginning was our kitchen window sill. 

I would photograph it early morning, before the blinds went up & I’d often photograph it when I lit candles just before starting to cook. It was a little window into my world. 

I mentioned before that I have been trying to practice the Kon Mari Method and one part of this, deals with keeping your kitchen surfaces very clear – only keeping out what you need and use, if anything. It’s a constant battle to keep our busy family kitchen tidy but I notice that there is a big surge of tidiness when we are about to have guests (!) and today I spent most of the morning in the kitchen.

I noticed that although the kitchen window will wasn’t tiled yet, I loved everything that I have there at the moment. And that a lot of the things that I loved having there, hadn’t really changed over the past few years. I was kinda happy to see that Marie Kondo had rubbed off on me a little. I had got rid (usually charity shops benefit from my declutters) of pretty much everything I didn’t want anymore on my kitchen shelf and was left with what I love: plants, a candle, a present from a good friend, a coaster from the Joan Míro foundation in Barcelona (not seen), which I am resting my cuppa on now and a Belleek vase that I love (out of shot) which I love to fill with fresh & inexpensive flowers, usually from Aldi/Lidl.

Do you have a favourite ‘Shelfie’ in your home? I have 3! I love to mix up the mantle piece + the bookshelves. 

It’s important to have these little favourite spots in your home, isn’t it? So much of our space at home is shared, it’s important to make a little space for you! I’m currently moving my study space upstairs to our bedroom also, which I debated about a lot but am happy that I made the right decision. More on that at a later date!

For now, enjoy some summer sunshine & thanks for reading, if you got this far!

Hilda xxxx