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June 2016

Share it Friday #6…

Hi all! I thought I might share a few things that have caught my eye in the last while in this sixth edition of ‘Share it Friday’.

Every once in a while I make an extra magazine purchase and recently gave new Irish magazine house+design a look!

It’s published by RIAI (The registration board for Architect’s in Ireland) so obviously there is an Architectural-Slant to the magazine (!) and I found it beautifully laid out & very informative.

I promised myself a new apron when we re-vamped our kitchen recently (I know, I know – bet your jealous of my rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle?!) and knew that Carolyn Donnelly had a few cute aprons in store at the moment. I got a little side-tracked when I visited Dunnes Stores  though as these T-Towels are super cute & colourful (€5 each)

This Hammock is €85, which is a really good price I think & the cushions are €40 each

I had a choice of aprons & chose this one, for it’s ‘still-summery-vibe’

…and I’m pretty sure Carolyn Donnelly designed this Tote Bag for me (€15)…

I’d also like to share with you that one of you lovely lot has nominated me for the Blog Awards Ireland and I really appreciate it! I’ll let you know when voting opens but even if I don’t go any further than the nomination stage, I’m super chuffed that one of you took the time to vote. Thank You xx

Both of my kids have now got their summer holidays and I have put my studies on hold so as I can enjoy the summer with them as much as possible. I’ll be checking in here whenever I can but for the moment…

Have the best weekend, whatever you do!

Hilda xx

Glamping at Dromquinna Manor, Kenmare, Co. Kerry…

Back in early May, at the end of the school Easter holidays, we took the kids camping glamping for two nights. I have never camped so my Hubbie, who would have done a fair bit of camping back in the day, thought he’d try out glamping first, I think, and potentially ease me into some semblance of ‘proper camping’ in the near future! The mirth that ensued over the weeks prior to us leaving, was worth the 2 nights price of accommodation for him alone: questions that kept on popping into my head, such as, “Will there be electricity?”  (There was), would have him practically rolling on the floor laughing at the utter novice standing in front of him!
The kids could not have been more excited, while I was a little apprehensive as we approached beautiful, sunny Kenmare that Friday evening, but the minute we arrived at the site, I was blown away by the attention to detail and just how stunning the location was


You can choose between double or family tents


The view from our tent…


Our Tent. Safari Chic, eat your heart out!


My favourite type of decking chair and these were made of driftwood by





Coolest Coat Stand ever…


The magical light in the field just next to our tent (fenced off, with cattle warnings for little people!)

Once we had settled in, we explored the rest of the facilities a little. There was a wedding on in the Manor that weekend, which just added to the atmosphere


…and the small but perfect playground (there was also a ball court nearby) kept little people amused & happy


It just happened to have THE coolest see-saw ever. Hilda by Design was happy and my little girl thought it was Cinderella’s carriage! Win-Win.

That evening was so stunningly beautiful, we ate in Kenmare but on the second evening, we ate at the site and toasted marshmallows with the kids at the open fire pit, which is lit each evening


There were also BBQ spots behind the log area, with kitchen facilities, a games room, toilets & showers – in the form of what I assume were converted stables?! I don’t really know what gave me that idea though…



I woke early on the first morning, made a cup of coffee in the kitchen and went for a little walk along the bay. These photo’s were taken around 7.45am…




The Boathouse in the dawn, which is a restaurant & residents we met who had eaten there, gave it the thumbs up.


The view of Dromquinna Manor from the water.

At this point, I knew breakfast would be delivered soon (around 8.30am) so I popped back to the tent, where hubby and I shared a blissful, quiet breakfast on the deck, while the kids were still asleep



We lazed around the site for hours that day, and when the weather unfortunately turned, we left for the day, but when we came back that evening, the beautiful weather had returned.

Nobody wanted to leave the next day, which is a testament to how happy everyone was. I got a bit of time to take in some of the sights on the Cliff Walk, before we left





This was the view…


…from this seat…


And if you’d popped a glass of wine & a book in my hand, I could have stayed there for hours!

There is Wi-Fi in the site but I made a conscious decision to take a technological sabbatical and guys, it was the right decision! We all came home relaxed and recharged.

*A special mention to the lovely Gwen (who my son fell in love with a little!) who couldn’t have done more to make sure our stay was as comfortable as possible*

L’Instant Parisien goes to print…


I can’t remember how or when I discovered L’Instant Parisien on Instagram but it was a while ago! Their photo’s of a Hidden Paris and articles on their site about the wonderful Designer’s and Creatives living and working in Paris soon became one of my favourite ways to keep in touch with Paris from Ireland.
When they announced before Christmas that they needed our help to crowdfund to bring the site to print, I couldn’t have been happier to pop on their site and choose from various packages to receive the print edition. My package also gained me 3 beautiful prints by Illustrator, Virginie Morgand depicting scene’s of an integral part of Parisian life: Le Terrace. Made all the more poignant after the attacks in Paris last year, when the Parisians were called back to the Terrace and the Bistro’s. A powerful call that was answered…




The print edition is Bilingual which is super and I’m reading in French, as I have very little opportunity to speak French anymore, so I need to keep it up! I’ve started to read the articles chronologically but here’s a sneak peek of some of the articles that await my attention!

The African Designer’s of the area of Château Rouge, in Paris





A 300 year old Pastel making company, which has been recently revived



A man who keeps bees on the rooftops of Paris and sells the honey he makes



And here’s the cover itself, which is a work of Art…


It was like Christmas all over again when the package arrived yesterday, so ‘Merci’ L’Instant Parisien and may you make many, many more publications.

‘Bonheur’ is a word in the French language which can be translated as Happiness but has a deeper sense of well being also. This publication has already brought me much ‘Bonheur’ and there’s much more to come!

Keeping up the Creative..

As some of you may know, I’ve postponed my studies until October but the creative side will never leave so I had the idea the other day of chronicling our summer through little sketch journals. Tiger Stores came up trumps this morning & I bought 4: one for each of us for Summer entries and one aside for anything I come across related to my course. This last journal is going to be more like a scrapbook.
I was going to wait until the kids were on Summer Holidays, but we are enjoying some really beautiful weather at the moment and the fact that today is the 1st of June…well…we kinda started early! A wee visit to the National Botanic Gardens today brought us some lovely flower spoils (don’t worry, we didn’t pick anything!) and my little guy found loads of pine cones


The kids were super excited when I took out my pencils, pens & colouring pencils as usually I don’t let them touch them! I started my journal too…



…with a pretty abstract ‘interpretation’ of what we found!

I’ve taken quite a few photo’s of the National Botanic Gardens which have been posted on my various social media accounts over the years, but, sure, there’s always room for a few more, eh?


         Victorian detail in the Shadows


The beauty of looking up, every once in a while…

Here’s to filling up our journals with summer memories!

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