Hi all, on the day where it seemed that Summer arrived in Dublin, my mum, the kids and I took an impromptu trip out to Howth, North Co. Dublin.


                      Howth Marina

I’ve been feeling like I had the weight of the world on my shoulders lately and today’s trip to the sea was really needed. Last Friday I mailed my Tutor in college to tell her that I was deferring my course until October. I have such mixed emotions about this: Failure, Frustration being just some, but the overriding feeling is Relief or even Release! This has been confusing me, as I felt that this was an odd emotion for choosing to put off something that is my very essence but today I realised that, yes, it is relief/release from something that is important to me but has also been adding stress to my life. I need a break from that!
One thing is for certain: I will most definitely be going back to my course. I haven’t come this far to quit. I’m just choosing space to enjoy some summer fun with my kids when they are small enough to want to spend time with me still!
I told my Tutor that I would still blog as it keeps my interest/passion alive but for now, I’m packing away my materials for the summer and dusting off buckets & spades instead.

As my little guy and I waited for my mum and little girl to catch up with us today, I noticed this on the gates of Howth pier…


As long as you have an anchor, faith (whatever this may mean to you) and love…it’ll see you through

Have the loveliest evening, whatever you do xx

Hilda xxxx