Hi all! Hope I find you super well? I thought I’d just ‘check in’ as I can’t believe that it’s nearly St. Patrick’s day here in Ireland and it seems like my feet aren’t touching the ground at the moment…my hands aren’t touching my drawing board either…

It’s grown increasingly hard for me to study lately, due to a variety of reasons. So much so that I decided 2 weeks ago to postpone my studies. I started to think I was quite crazy to take on studies as well as running a household & looking after my family. It all just got so hard. So, I told my Hubbie. He was supportive of whatever decision I made.

I woke up the next day feeling really down…even my morning cup o’ joe couldn’t cheer me up. I brought the kids to school, came back home & had breakfast. By mid morning I had texted my husband that I knew what was wrong:  I couldn’t give up

He didn’t want me to…He supportively made some suggestions to help me find space to study, and encouraged that we would figure it out.

I haven’t yet formally returned to study as I’m still ‘figuring it out’ but at least now, I know I will. I think I just needed a break? I’m already feeling a fresher approach but i’m not quite there yet. I’m also drinking the cool aid as far as Elizabeth Gilbert is concerned as her last book is quite literally lighting my little creative world right now…


Maybe sometimes we all need to lean back a little instead of leaning in? Would love to know your thoughts on this!

Love & Light,
Hilda x