You may or may not know that I’m currently undertaking the Kon Mari Method? So many other decluttering methods just haven’t worked for me so I’m really pleased to have found something that is!!

I will most definitely blog later about the method, but one little thing that I have noticed is: as I am deciding what to keep in the house, I have slowed down buying things for the house. I want to see what I am really going to keep before I buy something to potentially store it in, you know what I mean? BUT one thing that we are surely going to have in the house for quite some time is the dreaded chargers. Seriously, how many can one family have? So, I’ve been on the search for a wee basket for the sitting room where I can pop them in when I find them randomly scattered around the house. I popped in to Lidl yesterday and saw a textile basket which can be used as a planter as it has plastic on the inside


but I thought it might look kinda cute in our sitting room as a charger holder. I bought the brown one and popped it on the last shelf of our bookcase


I’m currently sorting out our bookcase. I’m working my way through the method, but what happens is – if you have a few spare moments, you’ll find yourself looking at stuff and wondering whether to keep it. I’m not at the ‘books’ stage of the method but I have already started decluttering the bookshelf. I don’t know yet if I want to keep my Interior Design Magazines on the bookshelf. I’ll have to see how many books I’m left with first!

Have you started a Spring Clean? It’s a beautiful day here today in Dublin and I’ve started staring up my dirty windows already…