Yup, it’s that time of the year again & Love it or Loathe it, on the 14th of February, you’ll either be partaking in Fine Dining with a loved one or Hiding under a Cushion for the night…!
St. Valentine’s has meant so many different things for me over the years. If you are lucky enough to have a partner/husband/wife to share it with this year, I believe in celebrating that. If you don’t have this in your life right now, I’m pretty darn sure you have another mate in exactly the same position. One of my more memorable St. Valentine’s night’s was spent with a gaggle of girls at an Asian restaurant where we had the biggest laugh, drank waaaaay to much & celebrated our friendships! THIS is what I am seeing happening a lot now, on St. Valentine’s Weekend and I think that’s rather lovely.
We are going to play restaurant with our 2 small kids, we are going to dress up, get out the fancy candle sticks, bake a love heart shaped cake…you get the picture. So, whatever you are going to do this weekend, just simply celebrate. Life needs more celebrations.

So! Now you know where I stand!
Many of you, will receive roses, chocolates…etc. this weekend and, I make no apologies, I’m a sucker for all of that! BUT! The last few years, my gift has been ‘house related’ {Surprise, Surprise!} and this year, I actually quite cheekily ended up buying my own. I hesitate sharing gifts on blogs {I didn’t share my Christmas gifts for example} as part of me still feels that there is a fine line between bragging and sharing, but I hope you understand that this is in the spirit of the latter.


The first wee gift cost €2 {Yup.} and was bought from one of my favourite charity shops With Love



…and, while coming home from College the other weekend, I popped in to the RHA and was pleasantly surprised to see how much it had changed since I was last there! I spotted a gorgeous Design store, Inreda and had to have a little look. When I saw that they had one of the Candle brands that I have been lusting over for quite some time now, AND they had a sale on at the time, I couldn’t leave the store without a purchase.



I often wish that ‘Smell-O-Vision’ had been invented on my blog, and this is definitely one of those moments. They had quite a selection of Skandanavisk Candles, from Denmark but as the last time I saw them was IN Copenhagen, I thought it apt to buy the scent of this wonderful city. I literally can’t wait to open it on Sunday!

Now to the part of the Alternative St. Valentine’s day Blog that I have been debating about posting for a year.

Last Valentine’s I commissioned a piece of Calligraphy for my husband, a huge U2/Bono fan.

He, while listening to a recording of a U2 concert many years ago, was struck by something Bono said and wrote it down. I knew that he kept this quote close to his heart, so I framed it and hung it next to his side of the bed. He was pretty chuffed and very surprised. It’s quite personal, so I debated about sharing it. It also contains bad language {GASP!} and it’s not my style to curse on line, but I hope that you take it for what it is: a personal gift that means a lot to him. Here’s a bit of positioning context…


And here’s the quote in my chosen style of Old Irish Script…


How’s about that for Inspiration, eh? My postioning of the piece is purposeful: It is in our bedroom, which is a room just for us and also, it is quite hidden by the over sized lamp which is on my Husband’s bed side table. Huge apologies for poor lighting on the shots, but it is extremely difficult to take photo’s of framed work.

Hopefully you enjoyed my Alternative St. Valentine’s day blog. It won’t have been your bag if you’re a traditionalist but, I hope you took a little something extra from it along the way.
*As I finished writing this blog, my wonderful Hubby walked in with unexpected flowers but i’m hitting the ‘Publish’ button now, before I change my mind…

Have the Happiest St. Valentine’s Day, Whatever you do xxxx

Love & Light,

Hilda x