Hi there!

Just in case you didn’t know, the new series of The Great Interior Design Challenge {GIDC} is back on our screens tomorrow night at 7pm on BBC2.


I attended an all day Workshop in my College yesterday, and the 2nd book that accompanied the last Series was quoted as a good read! And as I got it as a present at Christmas, I can vouch that it is! One lovely thing for me, as I’m about to start watching my favourite programme is that one major thing has changed since the last series…I am now studying Interior Design so I am most definitely going to be watching with a different perspective.

I absolutely take my hat off to anyone who is accepted for the programme as it is a mammoth task to design a room in such a short time, and under the watchful eyes of the camera, but Sophie Robinson and Daniel Hopwood are such great Mentors, I am sure we are going to witness much magic.

So, get the wine in the fridge and make sure your friends and neighbours don’t disturb you, for with guest judges {a little later on in the series} such as Orla Kiely, Oliver Heath & Kelly Hoppen, we are certainly in for a treat.