I’m not making any New Year’s Resolutions this year. I’m simply ‘Letting go’ of some of the baggage that I carried around with me last year! I practice Mindfulness and the lovely lot from Mindfulness Ireland posted this a few days ago. Wow, did it hit the spot.

I think, if we are all honest with ourselves, there is always an air of apprehension mixed in with our embracing of a new year? At least that’s how I feel anyway…but I wish you all the absolute best for 2016 xxxx

So, as I finally get to start my new calendar, bought for me by my mum when she visited Standen, West Sussex in the summer, I have a wee skip in my step for what I hope to be a year where I take a few more chances, try to let go of some old habits and embrace a year full of possibility.


William Morris Decorative Bird Tapestry near the Lobby at Standen House, W. Sussex