How are you all? Yes. I’m still alive! If you don’t follow me anywhere else but here, you would be forgiven in thinking that I had pretty much given up on my little blog…well, that’s not the case. I’ll admit, I’ve reached another one of my ‘crossroads’ and some change is definitely needed but my blog is most definitely still going to be part of my journey…

I thought, at this stage of the festivities, it might be nice to do a little ‘Design Round-Up’, so I’ll be sharing some of the styles that I feel have become part of my Interior Design tastes over the years. Some have changed {Adios Shabby Chic, you served me well…} and some have been acquired along the way.

One such style is Drama in Interiors – I absolutely love when I walk into a room and something just jumps out at me and takes my breath away. Here’s an example from Interior Design Magazine


I find that this kind of Drama can work best in a Hotel/Café/Restaurant situation?

What I love about this – Blue is most definitely my favourite colour: its so versatile. It can be calming or dramatic and in this case, it’s most definitely the latter. It contrasts so beautifully with the wood panelling, the metals and what I think is, marble on the bar counter.

What about you? Do you prefer your Interiors calm + quiet or do you prefer a little pizazz every once in a while?

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Now, time for a walk after all that turkey…