Jim Morrison brought me to Paris. I kid you not. I had already fallen in love with the French Language when I started to learn it in school around the age of 8, but when I was a teenager, I thought I was in love with Jim Morrison of ‘The Doors’. Once I found out where he was buried, I vowed I would go and visit his grave at Père Lachaise Cemetery.
I did just this when I was 19 with my then boyfriend.
…and that’s when it really began: This love for Paris. I pretty much decided on that weekend that I would live there one day and so, 2 years later, I packed my rucksack and moved to the city of lights.

Paris is love. Paris is my friends. Paris is my youth. Paris is good food, good wine & good company. Paris is music. Paris is dancing. Paris is parks {plenty of them!}. Paris is life.

Paris is life.

Last Friday, this was all halted. I know that the city will pick itself up but right now it is wounded and hurt.

What can we do?

It starts with you, dear reader and I. We have to be kinder in our daily lives. We have to be kinder to our fellow man.

In this age of ‘Social connectedness’, it seems so many of us have never felt so lonely. Let’s all check in with ourselves instead of Facebook, once in a while.

I know that when I feel ready, life will go on. My Interior Design posts will start to creep back in but right now, all I can think of is nourishing my little family and sharing a meal with them this evening, knowing how lucky I am when so many won’t do this, this Sunday.

I’ll also plan a trip back to my old home. I don’t know when I will get back but I will.

Till then, Paris. Till then.