Well, it takes a very special book to take me out of my self-inflicted-blog-break but this IS special.

Somebody said to me recently: “Once a teacher, always a teacher” and although I try to shy away from hothousing my kids, I guess that’s true! My teaching background is always with me, no matter what area of Design I end up in and I think that my ‘need’ to share what I find with you guys is actually a deep rooted need to impart information.

Anyway! What I really came back to say is that I bought my first Christmas gift today and I simply can’t wait to give it to my little guy. I think my big guy aka Hubbie is gonna like it too!


Guys, as much as i’d like you to see more than the cover

1. I don’t think I’m allowed without written permission.
2. I don’t want to ruin the surprise!

Each county has it’s own section and map, with wonderful illustrations from Fatti Burke and a wealth of amazing facts about Ireland from her dad {and retired primary school teacher} John Burke.

It’s pretty big so it’s not exactly a stocking filler but would be a beautiful gift for any age, to be honest.
I literally can’t wait to hand it over.

I bought my edition at Easons but i’m sure it’s widely available.

Thanks to Ryan Tubridy, on RTE Radio 1, for letting me know about it.

Have the loveliest day, whatever you do xxxx