Hi all! Hope this post finds you well & happy?
I recently shared on my Facebook page the Interior Design Magazines that are my bibles: the one’s I can’t do without. I’ve tried. But I can’t. I’ve told myself that I don’t need to buy them. Sure, isn’t that what Pinterest is for? Plenty of lovely images there…but no. Just like the whole ‘Books Vs. E-Reader’ debate, magazines in their physical form, will never die out. There is nothing that can replace sitting down in your favourite spot, with a cuppa/alcoholic beverage {Insert time of day} and leafing through a magazine. Please don’t get me wrong: I am not dissing E-Reader’s/Digital Publications/Pinterest in one fell swoop! I am mearly stating that this lady loves her magazines & won’t be getting rid of them any time soon.

One of my best mate’s got me a birthday present of a subscription to Image Interiors and Living which is an Irish publication. I used to buy Image and then realised that I was going straight to the page which talked about Interiors…so, er, I just started buying the Interiors mag! So, that’s usually the first magazine that pops onto my hall mat and this season’s a corker



I was eating brekkie while reading it -hence the photo!

The second publication is House and Home and is also Irish. I love both magazine’s as they keep me up to date with Irish Design, show me endless pages of Inspiration and both bring something slightly different to the table



This edition had me reaching for a Copper Candle Holder I purchased in Tiger Stores, Copenhagen last October! And it’s also jam packed with Interiors Inspiration.

And that brings me to the third publication that has sneaked on to my list over the last few months: House and Garden Magazine. I’m a huge fan of British Interiors, although the publication is very International also. This is quite ‘High End’ and showcases houses that quite simply take my breath away. The fairly new Editor, Hatta Byng has brought a different approach to the magazine {as every editor will} and I really like her style. This is the September Edition and quite simply lent itself to a rose picked from my Mum’s garden



I have amassed quite a collection of Interior Design Magazines over the years and they are proving a little difficult to store!

Do you buy Interior Design Magazines? If so, which one’s? I’d love to hear from you!

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