Happy Friday All & I hope I find you super well? This Share It Friday is going to start off a little different this time as, instead of sharing an event with you, I’d like to introduce you to one of my favourite bloggers!
Lovetomtom is the brainchild of Jo, who is Italian/Australian {a pretty cool mix if you ask me!} and she is, I think you would say, a Fashion/Lifestyle Blogger. She has a super eye for detail & a love of Interiors also. We have never met {we hope to rectify that someday!} but I get honest, and just down-to-earth-lovely vibes from her, in her writing & her fab posts. She’s just back from Lisbon and as I visited this amazing city a few years ago, I really enjoyed seeing it through her eyes. I mean, just look at this screenshot from her Facebook page


I think there may be more of this to come, so, check out http://www.lovetomtom.com this weekend – you won’t be disappointed.

On a wee visit to Aldi this week, I spotted some pretty nice cushion covers + to be honest, I’m kinda regretting I didn’t pick some up. Dare I mention the ‘C’ word? CHRISTMAS Oops! I just did! Well, be honest, Christmas has started to spark some little flames at the back of your mind and these Vintage & Deer Cushion Covers would be pretty cute for the festive season



And this was a complete cushion


* For those of you who are still here after I dared to mention Christmas in August {!}, I’d also love to share my last purchase for the house.

I’ve been following the Terrarium trend for a while now with interest, and those of you who know me, will already know that I most certainly was NOT blessed with green fingers! I’ve resigned myself to ‘looking after’ geraniums and succulents. Even I can keep them alive!! So, when one of my favourite stores http://www.dust.ie popped this up on line


I kinda fell in love a little.

The plants inside are available in store or from the amazing Florists http://www.apassionata.ie and on the day, I decided not to buy the plant also but this brass beauty to sit on our bookshelf in the sitting room – an area I have lots of fun styling


…I can see myself purchasing the stunning plant but for the moment, I really love how this adds to the quirk on our shelves.

And last but not least…Do you remember when I mentioned that I had been nominated for an Amara Interior Blog Award ? Well, voting has now started and will continue on into September.


To say I’m honoured to be nominated is a HUGE understatement. Guys, I’m completely aware that I have no hope of making it to the final evening in London, but I would value your vote nonetheless. So, if you have enjoyed a blog post or two over the time I’ve been blogging,  can I ask you to click on the link here


…and make my weekend?

And a huge THANK YOU to those who have voted so far. It is MUCH appreciated.

Have the BEST weekend.
Live a little.
Love a lot.

Hilda xxxx