August 2015

Inspiration 101: Interior Design Magazines…

Hi all! Hope this post finds you well & happy?
I recently shared on my Facebook page the Interior Design Magazines that are my bibles: the one’s I can’t do without. I’ve tried. But I can’t. I’ve told myself that I don’t need to buy them. Sure, isn’t that what Pinterest is for? Plenty of lovely images there…but no. Just like the whole ‘Books Vs. E-Reader’ debate, magazines in their physical form, will never die out. There is nothing that can replace sitting down in your favourite spot, with a cuppa/alcoholic beverage {Insert time of day} and leafing through a magazine. Please don’t get me wrong: I am not dissing E-Reader’s/Digital Publications/Pinterest in one fell swoop! I am mearly stating that this lady loves her magazines & won’t be getting rid of them any time soon.

One of my best mate’s got me a birthday present of a subscription to Image Interiors and Living which is an Irish publication. I used to buy Image and then realised that I was going straight to the page which talked about Interiors…so, er, I just started buying the Interiors mag! So, that’s usually the first magazine that pops onto my hall mat and this season’s a corker


I was eating brekkie while reading it -hence the photo!

The second publication is House and Home and is also Irish. I love both magazine’s as they keep me up to date with Irish Design, show me endless pages of Inspiration and both bring something slightly different to the table


This edition had me reaching for a Copper Candle Holder I purchased in Tiger Stores, Copenhagen last October! And it’s also jam packed with Interiors Inspiration.

And that brings me to the third publication that has sneaked on to my list over the last few months: House and Garden Magazine. I’m a huge fan of British Interiors, although the publication is very International also. This is quite ‘High End’ and showcases houses that quite simply take my breath away. The fairly new Editor, Hatta Byng has brought a different approach to the magazine {as every editor will} and I really like her style. This is the September Edition and quite simply lent itself to a rose picked from my Mum’s garden


I have amassed quite a collection of Interior Design Magazines over the years and they are proving a little difficult to store!

Do you buy Interior Design Magazines? If so, which one’s? I’d love to hear from you!

P.S. Please take a moment to vote for me at – I am completely honoured to be nominated in the Amara Interior Blog Awards this year and while I really don’t think I stand a chance, I would appreciate your vote. Thank you!

P.P.S. I also found out yesterday that I have been long-listed for the Blog Awards Ireland {Yay!} and would like to take this opportunity to say a Massive THANK YOU to those of you who voted for me. I am extremely aware of how many wonderful blogs are out there, so am really chuffed that mine was chosen. Public vote has not opened for these awards yet.


World Photography Day…

Hi guys, well, I just couldn’t let it pass!

A life long love of photography has been re-ignited with the blog and has become a lovely added surprise to my blogging journey. I haven’t picked up one of my camera’s for a while now {I take photo’s with my phone} but this is something I hope to change this year.

I thought I’d depart from the norm today + share one of my favourite shots at the moment of my city. It was taken from the boardwalk at the River Liffey, on the way to the H’apenny Bridge – a Dublin Landmark. It’s so called, as, you guessed it: you used to have to pay a H’apenny to cross it.

It was taken on our recent ‘Dublin Day’ during our staycation and as it was a dull day, I thought it would lend itself quite well to a Black & White.


Have you taken a photo today? If not, why not snap something you love right now.

Happy World Photography Day, wherever you are xxxx

Share It Friday #5…

Happy Friday All & I hope I find you super well? This Share It Friday is going to start off a little different this time as, instead of sharing an event with you, I’d like to introduce you to one of my favourite bloggers!
Lovetomtom is the brainchild of Jo, who is Italian/Australian {a pretty cool mix if you ask me!} and she is, I think you would say, a Fashion/Lifestyle Blogger. She has a super eye for detail & a love of Interiors also. We have never met {we hope to rectify that someday!} but I get honest, and just down-to-earth-lovely vibes from her, in her writing & her fab posts. She’s just back from Lisbon and as I visited this amazing city a few years ago, I really enjoyed seeing it through her eyes. I mean, just look at this screenshot from her Facebook page


I think there may be more of this to come, so, check out this weekend – you won’t be disappointed.

On a wee visit to Aldi this week, I spotted some pretty nice cushion covers + to be honest, I’m kinda regretting I didn’t pick some up. Dare I mention the ‘C’ word? CHRISTMAS Oops! I just did! Well, be honest, Christmas has started to spark some little flames at the back of your mind and these Vintage & Deer Cushion Covers would be pretty cute for the festive season



And this was a complete cushion


* For those of you who are still here after I dared to mention Christmas in August {!}, I’d also love to share my last purchase for the house.

I’ve been following the Terrarium trend for a while now with interest, and those of you who know me, will already know that I most certainly was NOT blessed with green fingers! I’ve resigned myself to ‘looking after’ geraniums and succulents. Even I can keep them alive!! So, when one of my favourite stores popped this up on line


I kinda fell in love a little.

The plants inside are available in store or from the amazing Florists and on the day, I decided not to buy the plant also but this brass beauty to sit on our bookshelf in the sitting room – an area I have lots of fun styling


…I can see myself purchasing the stunning plant but for the moment, I really love how this adds to the quirk on our shelves.

And last but not least…Do you remember when I mentioned that I had been nominated for an Amara Interior Blog Award ? Well, voting has now started and will continue on into September.


To say I’m honoured to be nominated is a HUGE understatement. Guys, I’m completely aware that I have no hope of making it to the final evening in London, but I would value your vote nonetheless. So, if you have enjoyed a blog post or two over the time I’ve been blogging,  can I ask you to click on the link here

…and make my weekend?

And a huge THANK YOU to those who have voted so far. It is MUCH appreciated.

Have the BEST weekend.
Live a little.
Love a lot.

Hilda xxxx

House Tour! Our Family Bathroom & Future Plans…

Ok. Deep Breath.
This blog post is more nerve wracking than ANY I’ve written as it’s OUR home I’m presenting. Not what other people have so beautifully put together but it’s our little work in progress. I read recently that your house evolves along with you, and I think that this is so true. The Bathroom that we inherited when we bought the house, just over 2 years ago, was, quite simply, revolting. I actually felt close to tears to think that a family who had been renting the house, had had to bathe their kids in what was simply unacceptable.
We knew that the Bathroom & the downstairs toilet had to be gutted before we could move in. It’s a huge regret that I can’t show you any Before photo’s but if you can picture your worst nightmare? Well, there you go. That was it.

So, without further ado – here’s a little glimpse of what it looks like now. And most of you may well be surprised as it’s Neutral City in there!!


For the blog, I’ve taken away the cleaning sponge that usually sits in the corner & the box of toys that sits in the bath when it’s not in use! I could analyse + disect ad nauseum but I’m gonna try and talk about some little parts of the Bathroom that I like & other parts I hope to improve on.
There are 2 small Vignette’s on the Window sill only as I don’t want to clutter it and these compose of some favourite Candles, a treasured shell…


…and on the other side: a beauty product I love {made from Seaweed, in Ireland! See http://www.voya.iefor more details} and a Fossil Candle Holder…


We debated getting a Shower Bath but decided for the power shower option & the biggest bath we could have for the space we have.



There is usually one shower gel hanging off the soap tray but I try to keep toiletries around the bath to a minimum. In fact, when I tidied around for the blog, I placed the bottles we use under the sink, and I think I’ll leave them there!


The taps from Vogue are pretty cool. I like the design and also the fact that they are in the middle of the bath & not in the traditional placing of at one end. It’s easier for the kids & nicer for the adults!
Now let’s talk about around the toilet – Must We? I hear you ask!
Well, er, not exactly what everyone wants to read but from a space perspective, it was a challenge. There was no room for a Toilet Roll rail so I improvised with a storage basket from IKEA…


And when I saw these Toilet Brush Holders in Dunnes Stores, well, they seemed like they were {in a really weird way!} made for me…


I have one in the downstairs loo too!

Moving on…to the other side of the Bathroom, where I really love the mosaic mirror that the Bathroom guys designed for me.


It’s quite long but, no matter how hard I tried all week, I couldn’t get a decent shot of it I’m afraid. As you can see, photo’s have been taken at different times of the day & the lighting has been a challenge!
I’ve stayed with Chrome accessories as the toothbrush holder on the right was my first ever purchase from Habitat & it has a silly sentimental value now! I had purchased the toothbrush holder for the kids and a matching soap dispenser but it didn’t cost much + in this case, I definitely got what I paid for so it’s already in the bin! I popped out my good hand wash for the photo’s…


Yup. Just call me Monica. I have good towels too!! Yikes! They are not the most expensive towels we own but the one’s I like the best!


Can you guess where they are from? Anyone who knows me will know that there is something belonged to Designer Carolyn Donnelly in every room at this stage!!! I love the detail…


Which leads me nicely to the Towel Holder I bought from the same range but haven’t put up yet. I’m going to use it for a hook for the back of the door:


But isn’t this a FAMILY Bathroom? I hear you cry?! WHERE IS THE ‘KID STUFF’? Well, there is the kiddie step which is a throw back from my day glo/disco days in fluorescent green…


…and THAT box of toys, I was telling you about!


I’d like to change the step for a wooden one at some stage & until I figure out a better way to store the kids toys – this is it! I would also LOVE to paint the radiator behind the door, in a Metallic paint. I’m thinking Silver to match the bath and window sill trim. It looks pretty grim at the moment but is behind the door, so…Yippee! No one sees it! Except all of you ‘cos I’m about to show you…


It’ll look better in Silver, eh?!

I may also change the Bath Mat at some stage and make it more colourful as I have 2 that are practically the same…


I think I’d like to add some greenery & maybe a wee vase of flowers to the room also, but apart from that I’m pretty happy with our little sanctuary at the moment.

So, that’s the end of my first little House Tour. I started with the Bathroom as it’s the room which is the closest to finished. The rest of the house is most definitely still evolving. But that’s ok. I’m loving every second of making our House a Home.

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