I’ve been dying to share a little bit of news with you!

Last Friday, I received an email letting me know that I had been nominated for an Amara Interior Blog Award. To say I was elated, surprised + humbled is a major understatement. Someone took the time out of their busy lives to nominate me?
So, yes, this is not my usual blogpost,  but I wanted to Thank You publicly & in the best way I know.
I nominated one of my favourite bloggers for one of the awards last year and watched with interest as she recieved a well deserved place at the awards in London. I WILL be asking you to vote for me when voting opens but, honestly, the nomination itself has given me such a boost.
So, for the moment, I am simply enjoying the fact that I feel like I am doing something right even though I’m still figuring it all out. One day I hope to find my place in this wonderful world of Design.

Thank you again. For reading. For being here. For your support.