May 2015

Memories of Bloom in the Park {2013}…

Bloom in the Park is taking place across this Bank Holiday Weekend, in Dublin, and is sure to be a super day out. I attended in 2013 and it was to prove an important little moment in this Budding Interior Designer’s life! I was searching for the perfect paint colour to update your classic ’90’s pine Kitchen cupboards and nothing I saw was coming close. Until I spotted the Irish Hospice garden at Bloom


The paint colour really stood out for me: a beautiful mix of a grey/green/blue. I searched amongst the garden information to find out the brand + colour name, but could see nothing. As I asked one of the attendants, she smiled and said that they really should have put up the info as she was being asked what it was all day! It was Greengage by Irish Paint Company Colortrend – I hadn’t heard of them up to now.


So, quite a bit of time later, the paint was bought from their super Swords, Co. Dublin branch and different kitchen presses were painted. So many people have commented on the colour! The presses are right next to the patio doors so I like the feeling that this colour is bringing the outdoors in. I take a lot of my photo’s with this fab colour as my backdrop + it works nicely too


As we were leaving the main garden section, I spotted a charming garden: full of whimsy…


…and quite magical!  Unfortunately I don’t remember the name of the garden, so if anyone does, please let me know.
There is so much talent + beauty at Bloom but there is also the quite fabulous @bloomfringe which runs alongside the festival, so check that out too! All information is at
Happy Bloom!


Some Garden Inspiration…

Happy Tuesday! It IS Tuesday right? This week is zipping by already, so I thought I’d pop by and say hello while sharing a little of my Inspiration at the moment for our garden area. I’ve noticed that my Instagram feed is awash with photo’s of flowers + garden time at the moment, and it’s no surprise, as suddenly the patio doors are open more and we are spending more time out there! I find myself surveying the space a lot lately and have been tossing around a few ideas. It’s still a blank canvas so it’s pretty much a budding Interior Designer’s dream!!
I came across 2 rectangular cushions that I bought years ago when we were selling our apartment, to pop on to the bed to liven up some new bed linen we had bought for photo’s/staging. I had completely forgotten about them so it was a nice surprise to a. Find them and b. Realise that they just might fit on the bench I had chosen for our patio


I have come to the realisation recently that my favourite colour is blue. Yup. This will come to no surprise to anyone who knows me as there is pretty much something blue on me at all times and the colour is featuring quite prominently in our downstairs area in particular. But, well, it was just one of those “PING” {Insert light-bulb emoji for effect :idea:} moments! I love the colours’ versatility but I also think you have to be careful with it. It can be a super calming colour but also quite cold sometimes so may need warming up.
Anyway, I digress. Back to our garden. Here’s a few snaps of our work in progress


Ok, it’s not officially a ‘garden photo’ but you gotta admit: it’s kinda cute, eh? The tin mug was part of Hubbie’s Father’s Day present last year and comes out when the boys head out to mow the lawn and do a general tidy up. I provide tea.


And on the old shed, getting a little rusty at this stage is another part of his pressie. We inherited the shed with the house and haven’t updated it yet but there is a certain charm to it’s dilapidated state.


The Clematis was looking pretty lovely the other weekend so I couldn’t help but take a few photo’s


And that weekend, our new washing line went up, tied to what I like to call our fairy tree, so I have been frantically washing clothes since just so I can bask in the glorious simplicity and satisfaction of a full washing line



I have lots of plans for this tree but for the moment it houses some cute little tea light holders and 2 gnomes who guard it’s well being on a daily basis.
The bench was bought today so I’ll try and keep you posted on our progress but for now, enjoy the fine weather and as much outdoor time as you can muster!!

*all photo’s my own. Please do not reuse without my permission*

Thank you xx

My Sunday so far…

My Sunday so far…


…breakfast in one of my favourite bowls. A leaving Paris gift from a Swedish photographer I once knew. It’s a very well known image in France.


…taking out an satchel I bought a year ago. It’s a bit battered but as it was a grey day when I left home, it brought some Sunshine to the outing!


When out + about with my little girl, we stopped by a local school’s plant sale + I had to pick up a geranium. I’m not blessed with green fingers so, these {…and succulents} are my favourite plants as I can’t seem to kill them! When I bought it, I didn’t think about where I was going to put it but as we had the stroller, it sat on top. So, that’s my little pink flower in the shot adding a pop of colour to the pretty planters outside a local restaurant…


…which had some stunning tiling outside {and inside it seemed}. I’m an absolute sucker for tiling and I thought the dark blue on which they had placed the tiles, made for a pretty perfect backdrop.
So, that’s my Sunday so far! How’s yours been?
Have a lovely evening, whatever you do xx
*all photo’s my own. Should you think them worthy of sharing; please credit me. 

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