Hi all, just thought I’d get your opinion on something that I’ve been questioning for quite some time now!
Do I save up for an expensive item for my house that I really love or do I buy something now as a ‘stop gap’?
I actually put this question to Interior Designer Daniel Hopwood at a recent Interior Design Masterclass in London. His response was that the item will never be the same. I’ll never feel the same way about it, so, actually I’m better off waiting for the product that I really love. Well, my gut feeling on this was exactly what he said BUT, practicality has kicked in. I have no where to sit as I use the vanity area in my room. And I have wanted a Phillipe Starck Louis Ghost Chair since I first came across the designer while living in Paris all those years ago. A year in to deciding I wanted one for the bedroom and it still hasn’t been bought. What to do?
Answer: I ordered a fake. Yup, I said it. A quarter of the price {as it’s on sale} and I will still have the ‘experience ‘, the aesthetics + let’s be honest, the ‘squee of delight’ as I see this chair adding to the light, relaxed, contemporary look that I am trying to create for our bedroom. So, here it is. My fake:


And here is the Original:


So, until I win the Lotto and am able to buy every product from Kartell that I love, my ‘faux’ Louis Ghost Chair shall sit gracefully in our bedroom and hopefully complement the scheme.
How do you feel about this? I feel a little naughty – like I’m cheating on one of my favourite Designer’s {I won’t tell him, if you won’t! }…Oh La La!!!

•For a wonderful discussion I recently read on this very heated issue in Design, have a wee look at this link http:// http://www.swoonworthy.co.uk/2014/11/what-do-you-think-of-replicated-design-classics.html/ from one of my favourite ‘go-to’ blogs.