February 2015

My head’s in a spin…

Hey! Happy Friday! Remember me? Yup, I used to post daily on my Facebook page/chat away on twitter…etc…etc…
Well, since I enrolled in College on Wednesday {!}, my head’s in a spin!! I’ve been gathering materials for my course, checking out my first assignment…and I really haven’t been thinking about ANYTHING else but this! It’s going to take a little while to find my rhythm and set out a study schedule but I’m still here! Just!
Even the pack which arrived today is pretty…



To say I’m excited is a major understatement but with the excitement comes apprehension – this is it. I’ve been leading up to this for a year now. It’s time to do it. Take the plunge into the unknown! I’m still not sure where it will lead me but wow, am I ready to find out!
When was the last time YOU did something for the first time?
Oh! And…


Happy Valentine’s from a local shopping centre!!
Have a great one, however you spend it xx❤xx


Putting together a Blogging/Mummy Station…

Happy Friday All!
So, space is often an issue, eh? For a good while I’ve been looking round the house trying to figure out where to put an ‘Office Nook’.
I first thought that at the end of our Dining Space, I could fit a standing table over a radiator but as I looked further at the space, I realised that I quite liked it being ‘just’ our Dining Space. An area that I’m trying to leave quite ‘grown up’ as on the opposite side, is the kids Play Area {more on that in a further blog!}…so, for the moment, until I get in to the depths of my studies in Interior Design, I need a space where I can write + be inspired. I started to create a corner in the kitchen just for me.
I bought a mint green, wire basket from the Carolyn Donnelly Eclectic range for Dunnes Stores that, to be honest, I was just looking for an excuse to purchase as i had my eye on it since it hit the store…


I may have bought a few more items that day too! So, this was going to hold my diaries + notebooks: essentials for both being a Mummy + Blogging!!
Then was the decision on what kind of Inspiration Board to choose. I was spoilt for choice here but went simple for the moment with a plain, wooden framed Pin Board from Ikea but I wanted to customise the frame + also buy cute pins. It came with clear pins which I used one of to hold up my Calendar instead. The pins I chose are from Tiger Stores and the Note block is one I had already from the…yup…CDE range from Dunnes Stores.


I really like to personalise what I do. Whereas I could have gone quite ‘designy’ at this point and placed a different Pencil/Pen pot rather than the one I have had for years, I chose to keep this as it was given to me by a Korean student I had when I taught English as a Foreign Language. It reminds me of how thoughtful he was. Plus, it’s cool! The Irish pottery that’s holding the rest of the pins is from Kilkenny Design Store and was a present.



The beautiful Calendar above has been mentioned before on my old blog. It’s by an amazingly talented Irish Duo ‘Ail+El’. The frame of the pin board was covered in Decorative Tape purchased from Lidl for €1.49!


So, here’s the rest of my little Creative Spot:




The main Inspiration currently taking pride of place on my board is photos of Domini Kemp’s Sitting Room in Irish Interiors Magazine, House & Home. It has the same layout as mine {We have one of our sofa’s at the window…etc} and I just love the ‘vibe’. Until I saw these photo’s, I was painting our walls in Stiffkey Blue from Farrow & Ball. I’ve changed my mind!}. A postcard from a French Artist, Ben, which reads: Nothing New {this seems random but it reminds me of my time in France + it’s kinda cheeky} and some paper number tags from Ikea {1 to 10 in each colour} that I have had for a year now + think they are super interesting but am not sure what I want to do with them yet! I’m sure I’ll come up with something!
All I need is a nice high back chair & I’m good to go!


Do you have a little space of your own?  Maybe you are lucky enough to have a separate office in your house? If I get further + further into this Interior Design Malarkey, I may be eyeing up Garden Space…
Have a Wonderful Weekend whatever you do xx

The day I flew to London for an Interior Design Masterclass…

Hi all & how was your Sunday? I have to admit that mine was a little hazy as I ask myself if yesterday actually happened? I’m still not sure!
A little back story may be needed, but I’ll try & be as brief as I can. Last year, I watched a programme on BBC2 called ‘The Great Interior Design Challenge’. It made me realise that I wanted to work in Interior Design. Voilà! Brief as i could make it!!
Ok. Sorry. I can’t be THAT brief…The programme awakened in me something that I think was always there: a love for Design. I set up a Facebook page to share my passion, which also led to blogging. But at the very beginning of the page, I wrote messages to people who had inspired me to ‘put myself out there’. Many were contestants on the first series & I contacted Sophie also. I think I was kinda shy to contact Daniel!! Many got back to me, supported me, including Sophie who was in the middle of designing room sets for the Ideal Home Show. I really appreciated that these strangers reached out + took the time to nurture my passion & it really spurred me on. So, Thank you all. You know who you are xx
The judges of the programme Sophie Robinson & Daniel Hopwood announced that they were holding a Masterclass in London. My wonderful Hubbie bought me the trip for my Christmas/Birthday present {I know! Keeper, right?} and yesterday, I woke at an unbelievably early hour + caught a plane to Heathrow, London.


As I waited for the lift to catch the Heathrow Express, this amazing Modern structure caught my eye. I love the surprises Airports throw at you when you least expect it.
I was in Central London in about an hour after landing and was transported to a very different world…


Portman Square was a delight. I arrived at the class early so I took a wee stroll around the square and wasn’t dissapointed.





*I have a little ‘thing’ for doors!!*
And then, the all important door had to be opened



20 Portman Square is the location for Daniel’s Private Members Club Home House + the Asylum Room {!} would be OUR home for the day.
The stairway that greeted me took my breath away


And then I looked up because you should always look up.


At this point I caught sight of Sophie & Daniel and got the most lovely welcome! The other attendees were gathering at this point upstairs in the Drawing room, so up these beautiful stairs I went


…but took a few sneaky pics of the other side of the hallway also, before I joined the other lovely participants…



And such a gorgeous lot they were! There was only an intimate 16 of us so we all got time to get to know eachother a little.
The Masterclass itself was divided into Daniel firstly speaking about The Design Process from the start of a project to the end and what that entails. Sophie spoke about Colour {…any of you who know me will know that I loved every second of this talk!}. After lunch, Daniel showed us a lot of his own amazing projects & spoke about them in depth and Sophie ended the day with Styling.
I have pages of notes which I hope to put into practice but some Things that I took away with me from this amazing day were a sense that it’s very important to be true to yourself + your own Style. Not to be afraid of Colour. That Pinterest is Wonderful for inspiration but there is no substitute for ‘real-life’ inspiration.
Some quotes of the day:
Daniel: “Taste is controlled by other people”
Sophie: “Colour isn’t just a Wall colour”
Daniel: “We’ve got to fight Beige!”
We had a lot of fun during the day. It was very clear that Sophie + Daniel get on wonderfully and complement eachother in their knowledge of Interior Design. And to be a little ‘fan girl’ for a second: They really are as nice ‘in real life’ as they are ‘on the telly’ xx


{Photo Source Sophie Robinson}


{Photo Source Daniel Hopwood}


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