January 2015

The love affair continues…

Happy Thursday All!
Today’s ramblings are about my love for detail & Irish Designer, Carolyn Donnelly! I spent the last of my Dunnes Stores Christmas token yesterday on a new bag for my little trip to London on Saturday {keep your fingers + toes crossed for me please, as there is bad weather pending!} and I obviously couldn’t NOT pass by the Home Ware Section. The Carolyn Donnelly ‘Eclectic’ section is in transition as some of the new collection was peaking through + some of the old was on sale {Yes, I was tempted} but, if the glimpses I got of the new stock are anything to go by: it’ll be fab!
We’ve been using tea spoons from our canteen of cutlery for a good while now & I wanted some cute, everyday spoons that would look well with the variety of coffee cups I have, so, these fit the bill…


They are Faux Vintage + I think they’re adorable? I’m extremely ‘detail orientated’ these days {I think I may have always been like this, come to think of it!} so I couldn’t resist taking a close up & placing one of my favourite Design quotes on the pic…


So, I had a quick cuppa before I collected Child Number One from school {!} and thought that I had definitely made the right choice when I teamed up the spoon with one of my favourite Orla Kiely mugs & a little vintage Tea Caddy I purchased at Quack + Dirk a while ago…


The spoon is resting on a piece of pottery {originally made to be a plant pot rest} that my brother made when he was a kid. He’s now in his 50’s! I love placing something personal in my settings – think it makes your space more unique to you?
Do you agree? Are you a Carolyn Donnelly addict, um, I mean, ‘fan’ too?

Have a great day, whatever you do xx


On the way to the Supermarket…

Hi all, taking 5 with a cuppa after a busy but lovely day & I thought I’d share with you a pretty amazing sight that’s on my route to the Supermarket every week…


This Art Deco House catches my eye every time I pass it. Today I decided would be the day I’d take a closer look. As I walked across the road, the owner of the house came out of the door. She was very sweet upon being accosted as she went along her daily tasks {!} and very kindly said I could take a few snaps. Apparently the house has graced many a magazine. It’s the details that really get me…




It kinda renders me speechless! Those Chimney’s, that Gate, the middle window, the Copper Roof…I COULD go on! The light was constantly changing so I’ve left these photo’s unfiltered so I hope this gives you an idea of the most amazing Green that dominates the house and it’s exterior.



Have you seen this house before? Are you an Art Deco fan too? I love the Art Deco + Art Nouveau periods so much, I think I was born in the wrong era !! All this grandeur obviously rubbed off on me as the first thing I could think of upon returning home this afternoon was to have some proper tea in a proper cup ! Hence breaking out some of the Fortnum & Mason tea my mum so kindly shared with me. Thanks Mum!


No more blog progress today as it was a busy one but…there’s always tomorrow! Have a lovely evening, whatever you do xx

A different trip to the Library…

Hey, how’s your day been so far?
Progress on the new blog has been that I have written some kind of little ‘About’ {I find this super weird so I just ‘went for it’ & I’m sure it’ll change it again in the future when I have more to write about!!} and also a little ‘Explanation’ where I’ve filled in a few gaps! The lovely thing about blogging for a while now is I’ve started to get to know what  I’d like to write about + I have a feeling things are gonna be a bit chatter round these parts…
This little chat is mostly about the Library…*waves goodbye to half the readers*…but, seriously guys, the local library has become an important part of my research over the past year. There is no way on earth I would be able to afford all the Design books I would like to own! So, I have been making my way through my library’s collection.
One book has alluded me. It’s always out on lend. I ordered it a few weeks ago and it came in. One of us got sick before Christmas {I can’t remember which one as we ALL succumbed!} and I couldn’t pick it up. So, off it went again. ‘Till today.


Design*Sponge at Home by Grace Bonney come. to. mamma! This is actually the first moment I’ve got my mitts on it as my mum and 5 year old boy have just spent the last 20 minutes leafing through it, picking out their favourite homes + just generally ‘oohing’ + ‘aahing’!! This is going to be my ‘relaxation’ book while I also read this…


I had heard of The Architecture of Happiness by Alain De Botton but one of the lovely Tutor’s at the Interior Design Academy of Ireland {My future place of study} recommended it as a good pre-course read. Aw, look at me…I’m gonna be your Classic, Nerdy Mature student, aren’t I?!!
Well, there’s the weeks reading sorted! Do you buy a lot of Interior Design Books or do you beg, borrow or steal {hopefully not much of the latter?} I have a few but judging from the 3 seconds I’ve had to look at Design*Sponge at Home…it’s going on the Wish List.
Have a lovely evening, whatever you do xx

A late night Blog change…

Hi guys! This won’t be a ground – breaking post by any stretch of the imagination! It’s late but I’m doing something I’ve wanted to do for a while and that’s switching the blog here to WordPress. It won’t mean much of a change right now but I think I have more scope here to make my blog look nicer {LONG overdue!} and to be perfectly honest, I’m in the mood for a change! So! Here goes + I’m gonna have a bit of fun tweeking the blog over the next few days so bear with?!
Have a great new week out there and remember…


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